Crowder Schools Tlaib With The Law

Tlaib has been in the news a lot recently as she makes a fool of herself with this whole Israel trip. But it appears she is just as savvy when it comes to Twitter, where she thought that as public official it would be ok if she blocked people. But she didn’t just block any critic, she thought it would be a good idea to block Louder with Crowder’s Steven Crowder. She was quickly made aware of her mistake.

Crowder got his lawyer involved and they sent the following message to Tlaib.

Pursuant to recent federal legal precedent, my client requests that you immediately unblock his access via @scrowder to your Twitter account @Rashida Tlaib (the “Account”). The Account is used almost daily for government communications, including those related to your service on the House Committee on Financial Services and House Committee on Oversight and Reform.

Your use of the Account has made it a direct source of government information that my client has repeatedly attempted to access and now is forced to obtain indirectly through other sources. Accordingly, my client is entitled to direct access to the Account, which should be accomplished by immediately unblocking his account access.

Richmond pointed out that Tlaib’s camp responded within “two business hours.”

The response was concise.

A man identified as Andy, and who referred to himself in the message as the Tlaib camp’s senior policy counsel, responded, “@scrowder is no longer blocked from accessing @RashidaTlaib.”

That’s how it’s done. Crowder goes on to say that “these people think they are above the law.” It’s true they seem to think that they can get away with anything. Tlaib usually leans heavy on the fact that she is a Muslim woman to her advantage. She cried when they tried to get Congress to allow her to go to Israel as if she were not allowed to go there and see her family. The truth is she was crying because she wasn’t allowed to go there and spread her anti-Israel sentiment…But these Dems are hoping you don’t pay attention. That’s why it is so important to call them out as Crowder did.

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