Cruz Blasts Maxine and Booker For Our Polarized Nation [Video]

The Democrats are getting out of hand they slapped at Trump’s olive branch when he suggested that the two parties work together to fight political violence. They seem to forget that they are supposed to be serving the public and in order to do so they need to work with people across the aisle. During an interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, campaigning junior Senator Ted Cruz spoke out against the Democrats calls for hate. He focused in on congresswoman Mad Maxine and admitted sex offender, Senator Corey Booker.

“There are too many Democratic politicians that are actively encouraging this,” Cruz stated. “When Maxine Waters tells people go harass, scream, yell, and come after people; that’s wrong. When Cory Booker, who I like.  Cory’s a friend of mine. When he stands up and says go get in people’s faces and scream and yell and harass them that’s wrong.”

“I thought it was unfortunate when Hillary Clinton said “We can be civil after the Democrats win. That’s wrong…We can treat each other with decency and respect, that’s the right way to do it.

Watch The Video Below.

He has a good message. We need more politicians working together and against violence. Politicians like Maxine should be forced to pay any damages done by the protesters they encourage. If someone gets hurt due to her inciting speeches she should be charged criminally as well. It is pathetic that Democrats are stooping to this level you have to wonder if this the only they think they can win? Or is it that they are trying to push some of their more fanatical supporters to violence in order to intimidate their opponents?

Either way, they should create a law against this bad behavior. Cruz is right, politicians need to be more civil to one another. They are not voted in to incite violence. Politicians are voted in to represent their constituents and some of these Democrats have clearly forgotten that.

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