Cuomo & Gaetz Get Into A HEATED Exchange Over Florida Election Fraud

Florida is once again at the center of a voting controversy as two of their counties failed to properly count their votes. This from the state that had problems with hanging chads. The two county’s Broward and Palm Beach somehow did not follow suit with the 65 other Florida counties. They failed to properly report their counts in a timely fashion. Governor Rick Scott brought this information to the courts and these counties are still failing to adhere to the law. Chris Cuomo and Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz discussed the rumors of fraud and lack of transparency.

Cuomo started off by asking why Rubio and Trump were claiming there was fraud when they didn’t have proof.

“It is hard to get the proof of fraud when the very proof itself is being hidden by the Broward County supervisor of elections,” Gaetz pointed out. “65 of the 67 counties did everything right and had their returns posted according to law. Only in deep blue Broward and Palm Beach County — familiar to all of us who follow elections — was there yet another persistent challenge. We just want to know how many votes were cast, how many of them have been counted, and how many are outstanding.

“You are right, you should have transparency on all levels,” Cuomo said, before claiming that claims of fraud were unfounded.

“You know, as a lawyer, when litigants hide evidence or potentially destroy evidence, there are adverse inferences drawn against those litigants,” Gaetz explained. He then went on to discuss how these true blue counties that are causing all for the problems are not abiding by the court order where they are supposed to gove their reports and allow for inspections.

Cuomo and Gaetz went back forth in a heated exchange. Cuomo was under the belief that these claims of fraud needed to have evidence and Gaetz tried to explain that the claims of fraud were understandable because of the lack of transparency.

“You’re suspicious of the vote count because they’re Democrat strongholds,” Cuomo alleged.

“You’re putting words in my mouth,” Gaetz replied.

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Trump and Marc Rubio both have called foul when it comes to the counts in Florida

“Trying to STEAL two big elections in Florida! We are watching closely!” Trump tweeted.

“How will our nation peacefully settle its political differences if elections lose their credibility because of lawlessness? That’s why what your friend says happened to her is unacceptable And why irregularities in Broward & Palm Beach is about more than just outcome of 3 races.” Rubio Tweeted about the Florida elections.

Florida should be better at this considering their problem with hanging chads. It makes sense why people would think there is fraud. Why is it that 2 counties out of 67 can’t do their jobs. Why were they failing to file timely reports about counts? Were they fabricating votes? Or is this just pure incompetence?

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