Cuomo Joins The Ranks Of Liberals Using A Tragedy As A ‘Political Talking Point’: One Grieving Mother Called Him Out

The New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, posted a letter on Twitter to President Trump after the Santa Fe school shooting demanding that Trump “Do something”. Cuomo expressed his own heartache for the children lost to the shooter and named each of his own children in the Tweet.

What the Governor did not consider was his own failed policies involving school violence. The same type of failed policies we’ve seen that could have prevented the deaths of countless children. Rather than address the cause of the violence, liberals think the answer is to remove the guns.

The mother of one of the children lost to school violence fired back with her own message to Cuomo. He has yet to respond to her.

Maureen Fitzpatrick lost her son Danny to suicide, after what she describes as failed bullying laws and the inaction of law enforcement.

The grieving mother took the opportunity to share her pain and demand change.  She Tweeted to Cuomo “Your current Bully Laws are not enforced. Your police don’t arrest students that commit assault 3 & harassment on school grounds like they are supposed to. Do Something. Mother of Danny Fitzpatrick died by suicide. Maureen Fitzpatrick-taxpayer”. Her tweet included a heartwrenching letter believed to have been written by her son.

As Written By Conservative Tribune:

Fitzpatrick has been pushing for national legislation called Danny’s Law, which would “create an anti-bullying task force comprised of education stakeholders, including teachers, guidance counselors, psychologists, parents, and bullied children, to develop anti-bullying best practices.”

That hasn’t been passed yet, but New York already has laws on the books — laws that could have prevented the bullying that caused Fitzpatrick’s son to commit suicide.

Now let’s be clear: Bullying is not an excuse for mass murder. Nothing is.

However, in many of these cases, we often find that bullying is a precursor to a mass-murder event. It’s been fairly well established that the Santa Fe shooter was repeatedly bullied by his classmates during his time in high school. This does not diminish our sympathy for the victims or their families. Rather, it raises questions about how the bullying — which was such common knowledge that almost every news outlet was reporting it — was handled by the school.

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