Dan Bongino Takes On Chris Hahn – “We are all dumber for having seen that”

The Russian Collusion Investigation is getting to be ridiculous, nothing is coming from it. The Liberals seem to be all about it though, any reason to bash Trump or find a way to be rid of him. Chris Hahn was on Tucker Carlson pushing his anti-Trump agenda, full of assumptions. But it was funny when NRA TV personality Dan Bongino came on after.

Tucker had a great opening for this story, seething with sarcasm.

Tucker: “According to a news report that dropped last night Michael Cohen, that is, of course, Donald Trump’s former personal attorney is prepared to testify in the Mueller Probe, that the president knew about a June 2016 meeting in New York City between his son Don Jr. and a Russian lawyer who had claimed she had dirt on the Hillary Clinton Campaign. That’s the claim.

So for the sake of argument let’s assume that all of it is literally true. What does it mean exactly? And why should we care? If you have been watching Television over the past 24 hours you already know the answer to those questions. What this means is the end of the Trump presidency, if not of the United States itself. We should care because nothing in human history since the harnessing of fire and the invention of the wheel isn’t as inherently momentus as this: Don Jr’s brief meeting two years ago with an unknown Russian lawyer called Natalia Veselnitskaya. Who knew about this meeting? When did they know about it? And what were they wearing when they met? It’s on questions like these that the fates of nations hang…”

Tucker then proceeded to get into a debate with Chris Hahn (@4:00) about the new information and whether it is really a big deal to meet with a foreign national or if this was just Liberals grasping at straws hoping to find a way to take Trump down.

You can watch the full 40-minute video interview/episode here.

But after Tucker Cuts off the Ludicrous argument, that Hahn even admits has more to do with his personal feeling on the issue, and how he thinks human nature would play out, as he doesn’t have the facts to fall back on. NRA personality Don Bongino (starts @ 10:45) who heard the segment can’t help himself, he has to address the ridiculous segment that he is on after.

“You know I like Chris off air, but I think we are all dumber for having seen that. He is a great guy, but we are all dumber. We may have lost 10 IQ points having watching it…”