David Letterman Turns On Trump, Believes He’s Psychotic

David Letterman retired from “Late Night” back in 2015. His late night shows was on the air for 33 years.

During that time he had Trump come on the show thirty times. It would seem like Letterman and Trump are friends. But in a recent interview, Letterman expressed that he doesn’t know Trump anymore and claimed that the president is psychotic.

Letterman was asked if he would like to talk to Trump again, and he said he would.

“I would just like to say, ‘Don, it’s Dave. Remember me? I want to talk to the real Donald Trump,” he said. “Because I now don’t know which is the real Donald Trump. And if the Donald Trump that I was talking to was the real Donald Trump — how do you get to be the guy he is now? Politics notwithstanding — let’s just say everything is great and he’s done a great job, but he still behaves the way he behaves — who behaves like that?! Who says okay now you’re going to behave like this?”

“He used to be kind of like the boob of New York that pretended to be wealthy — or we thought was wealthy,” said Letterman. “And now he’s just … he’s a psychotic. Is that putting too fine a point on it?”

As an American, I don’t like this man as a president of our country. I love being an American, but I don’t feel he represents me and I don’t like that. Even with other presidents that I’ve disagreed with, politically, I felt like, OK, I can live with their representation, but I’m sick and tired of everybody wringing their hands about this… let’s just settle this at the next election,” he said in the interview. “Let’s just stop yacking about what a goon he is.”

Watch The Video Below.

Looks like Letterman should have gone quietly into the night. But we are never that lucky. I wonder if this is just Letterman trying to appear more liberals or if he actually feels this way. It’s hard to tell. But at least he is off CBS, as we seem to have plenty of late night Trump haters as it is.

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