Deaf Man Defends Pregnant Wife And Dog From “Disgruntled Passenger” [Video]

The whole process of flying can be taxing. There is the security check that comes with a long line and the search for your luggage after can be tough as well. But as inconvenient as it can be most people do not get into an altercation on the plane.

Hazel Ramirez and Matthew Silvay are both deaf. The couple was traveling from Colorado Springs to Orlando on a Frontier Flight when the incident happened. During the exiting process, a passenger on the plane punched their service dog. The assailant, Timothy Manley, claims the dog was up in his space.

“All of a sudden my dog the man punched my dog’s face: my dog shook her head and ran to the other row seat and laid under there because she was hurt and scared for her life.” Ramirez recounted.”

Petrini Manley complained of being allergic to dogs as the plane descended and was being taxied to the gate at the Orlando International Airport. The service animal, a Great Dane, woke up and Timothy Manley told police the dog “took up more space than (he) felt it deserved.”

Manley socked the dog and caused it to yelp. Silvay saw the dogs reaction and the man’s hand still in a fist. So he tried his best to confront Manley over his misconduct. As you can see in the video below he Silvay is upset and he may have scared the man more than got his message across.

But if that were not enough the couple was not in the clear as Manley went a step further and punched the pregnant Hazel in the stomach. So he punched a service dog and pregnant woman a real “tough” guy.

In the Video, it looks as if SIlvay is the aggressor but he has every right to be as everyone is brushing off the violent nature of Manley.

Watch Some Footage Of Part Of The Incident Below.

The FBI is currently looking into this case as the instigating factors happened on the plane. Manley is lucky to have only been shoved by Silvay. I am sure there are plenty of men who would have done more, especially after he punched his pregnant Fiance in the stomach. The investigation is still underway. But that is a tough start to a joyful event. Silvay and Ramirez had traveled down to Florida to have a gender revealing party for the baby.

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