Delaware Woman Badly Beaten On Vacation Now Says The Resort Is Victim Blaming

Delaware native, Tammy Lawrence-Daley,51, was attacked while she vacation at The Majestic Elegance in the Dominican Republic. Daley feels the resort is responsible and wants compensation. The resort feels Daley is trying to extort them.

Daley “wrote in a May Facebook post that she was attacked and left for dead in an underground area at the Majestic Elegance Punta Cana Resort by a man wearing a hotel uniform.”

Lawrence-Daley’s statement says that at the time of the assault, hotel cameras were not operable. The statement also accuses the hotel of delaying a search for the woman while she lay in an underground piped area filled with inches of wastewater for the next eight hours.”

Daley’s lawyer:

The resort and its parent company are well off and protected by insurance but still refuse to assist Mrs. Lawrence Daley after the tragedy that fell upon her at their resort,” the statement said, according to People. “At only first glance, based on the [resort’s] unwillingness to protect their customer, Mrs. Lawrence Daley and her attorney would urge travelers to hesitate or refrain from staying at the Majestic Elegance or its sister resorts until the resort takes such action to protect and respect its customer.”

Tammy Lawrence-Daley claims they did not do a proper rape kit for 48 hrs and when they did, they did not do an internal swab.

Daley also claims that the Hotel lost the dress she was wearing, and feels this was intentional.

The Majestic Elegance claims she is trying to extort them for millions of dollars.

“After receiving no positive response, she disclosed her version of the case, four months after it happened,” the resort said.

They also speculate that they find it weird that she did not immediately press charges.

The Police looking into this case as not everything about this case is clean cut.

“There is a lot of conjecture about the case, a lot of information that doesn’t match some of the statements,” police spokesman Col. Frank Durán told the Associated Press last week. “We have to wait for the investigation to end.”

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Majestic Elegance said it both paid for her hospital stay and provided a “complementary extension” at the resort.

But Kurtz said that while, “It’s appreciated that they paid for her immediate medical needs,” the extended stay does not constitute reimbursement.

Nor, she said, is Majestic Elegance paying for ongoing medical bills or the mental side effects of the attack, for which Daley said both he and his wife are going to therapy.

“Outside of physical injuries, there’s also mental recourse that will probably take a lifetime to recover,” Kurtz said.”

The resort should expect to be sued Daley was attacked by staff. It seems like the resort just doesn’t want to pay out.

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