Dem Caught Allegedly Soliciting A Police Informant Gets A Legal Slap On The Wrist

Police say the Pennsylvania Mayor was caught soliciting sex from one of their informants. While Mayor Bower maintains he was ‘set up’ and that he is the real victim in this scenario, his office announced Today Bower will resign from office.

Eric Bower pleaded ‘no contest’ to the charges but his sentence seems extremely lenient. He also added that he was ‘set up’.

Isn’t that how police stings work?

According to CBS Pittsburg, Police allege that 36-year-old Bloomsburg Mayor Eric Bower paid a state police informant for sex several times, most recently in early April. Authorities say Bower was arrested at a Hampton Inn after he showed up with $200 cash and condoms.

He waived a preliminary hearing on the charges and vacated the mayor’s office, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said in a news release. He also stepped down from his post as a state constable, the Charlott Observer reported.

“This mayor flouted the law and solicited sex from a prostitute on multiple occasions,” Shapiro said.


As Written By Fox News:

Four days after his arrest, Bower told WNEP that the unidentified woman was a friend — he described their relationship as “very playful, you know.”

At the time he planned to fight the charges, claiming that it was a “setup because of my political position.”

However, the Democrat, who was elected in November, announced Thursday through the attorney general’s office that he would be waiving a preliminary hearing and immediately would vacate the mayor’s office.

He also stepped down from his post as a state constable.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro said that Bower “flouted the law.”

“No one is above the law,” Shapiro said in a statement. “I will not allow individuals in power to abuse the trust the public has placed in them. I’m rooting out public corruption wherever we find it, without fear or favor.”

The former mayor of Bloomsburg has pleaded no contest to charges of patronizing prostitutes.

Eric Bower of Bloomsburg was sentenced to one year of probation.

Editor’s Note: We feel it’s important to keep stories like these in the forefront as we move towards the November elections. While sentencing for this case has already been handed down it is crucial to remember the actions of the Democratic party and the seemingly unfair system that protects them. Fortunately, this is one mayor whose name you won’t see in November.

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