Dem Gov Blames Americans For California’s Homeless Problem

Speaker Pelosi’s state California has a serious homeless problem. So in typical Dem fashion, Governor Newsom did what Dems do best and blamed everyone else.

Newsom claimed it was a “national disgrace” and defined our “failure as a society”. Newsom has been governor since January and was the Lieutenant Governor for years before that. I guess it wasn’t as big of a disgrace until now.

We’ve got work to do. It’s a national disgrace. It’s on our watch,” Newsom said. “This is the issue that ultimately defines our failure as a society. We must own that and do something about it.”

During his announcement on how he was planning to combat homelessness, he said the following which was kind of ironic.

“The challenge for elected officials as a consequence is it’s difficult to meet expectations as a consequence of that, they don’t set them. They try to run away from the issue. They try to scapegoat the issue, they point fingers, they advocate responsibility, they blame historic trends. They find ways to walk around the issue. It’s few folks that put themselves out on a limb and actually are willing to be held to account.”

You can watch his proposal here. 

While the state’s homeless population declined slightly last year from 134,000 to just under 130,000, according to data reported to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, that number could increase this year.

Earlier this month, San Francisco reported a 17% increase in homeless residents over the last two years to 8,011. Alameda, Santa Clara, Kern, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside counties all recently saw double-digit percentage increases in their homeless populations, with the number in Alameda up 43% to 8,022 since 2017.”

Newsom included $1 billion in his proposed budget to combat homelessness — the plan faces a mid-June deadline for passage. Of that amount, $650 million in grants would go to local governments and regional homelessness agencies for emergency shelters, rental assistance and the construction of permanent housing, among other uses. The money is on top of $2 billion in state funding for homeless housing developments that voters approved in November.”

Seemed like Newsom was scapegoating the issue, he was pointing a finger at the nation for a problem that should have been handled by now.

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