Dem Pres Candidate Gillbrand Flip Flops On Gun Rights

Democrat Presidential Candidate Kirsten Gillibrand recently had a Town Hall held by Fox with Host Chris Wallace.

An audience member asked Gillibrand what she would do to “reduce gun violence and deaths in America” and would her plans have prevented “the senseless massacre in Virginia Beach.”

Gillibrand responded.

“Americans are feeling ripped apart by the gun deaths we have seen, year after year, month after month. The most outrageous thing that’s happened to our democracy is how much fear, and division, and hate has been spread. I think the NRA is the worst organization in this country¬†for doing exactly that. They care more about their profits than the American people.”

Gillibrand then laid out her plans for what she would do if she were to become president when it comes to gun control.

“I will make sure we have universal background checks.

I will make sure we ban the bump stocks, the large magazines, assault weapons, the military-style weapons.

I will make sure we have a federal anti-trafficking law and once we get money out of politics the NRA will end its chokehold on members of Congress who have no courage to stand up to them and do the right thing on behalf of constituents and the American people.”

Wallace then asked Gillibrand a follow up about her answer, since her plans would do nothing to prevent the massacre in Virginia Beach. So he tried to get a straight answer that might actually address the problem.

But it appears she was not interested in a real solution.

“Yea, Stop being beholden to the NRA like President Trump is,” Gillibrand offered.

“The NRA is lying to the American people. It is not about the Second Amendment. It is about gun sales… It is literally about greed and corruption, and making sure the status quo remains the same.”

She then claimed that her plan was supported by most Americans and NRA members. She claims Congress is bought and paid for.

Wallace then asked her why she went from Pro-Gun To Anti- Gun.

“It’s because I came from a district that was really rural.¬† Second Amendment was important, hunting was important,” Gillibrand responded.

“I understand the importance of having a hunting culture and preserving our second amendment rights and that’s why I am in the best position Chris to lead this country to a place where we can have common sense gun reform. I recognize people have different communities.”

Wallace tried to press her on why she changed her opinion on Gun Control and she just claimed that she just realized “not every part of her country is like her rural New York District.”

Watch Part One Of her Town Hall Here.

Sound like Gillibrand had a change of heart to gain votes. She claims Congressman are bought and paid for but how can she suddenly go from pro-gun to anti-gun? Maybe she is just not strong in her convictions? Either way, she will have a tough time beating the Dem frontrunners. I don’t think she would stand a chance against Trump.

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