Dem Presidential Candidate Tells White People To Apologize To Black Folks For… Everything

Well-known author, spiritualist, and Dem Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson told the white members of her audience to apologize to the black members.

They did nothing wrong personally. But she still had them apologize for all the bad things that ever happened to black people as if they had some part in it.

Marianne Williamson walked to the middle of the stage, paused for a second, then she asked all the black people to stand.

The New York Times best-selling author, internationally known spiritual teacher and native Houstonian was in town recently for her “Love America Tour” at Unity of Houston. She urged the 200 of us from our seats. She then instructed a white person to hold the hand of a black person standing.

A white woman and a teenage girl who looked to be mother and daughter in the row behind me took my hand and arm.

Williamson then told the white people to repeat after her. She began with, “I apologize … .”

The “prayer” goes on and wishes to heal the relationship between the two races.

Williamson then talks about how she feels black folks should be angry about how things went.

Black people are angry, and it’s understandable, she said.

Unfortunately, anger is our Achilles’ heel.

A colleague, whom I have tremendous respect for, once asked me why many black people are so angry today. I responded with, “Why aren’t you angry?”

She looked at me with a puzzled stare.

I explained that ending racism is just as much a responsibility for her white community to “get it” as it is for my black community to “explain it.”

This type of thinking is destructive. People have been treated poorly throughout history. The Jewish people were enslaved by the Egyptians and later killed by the Germans. It even happened in Africa, tribes would enslave enemy combatants. I’m not saying it is a good thing. But these things happened and they are in the past now.

America has been slave free for hundreds of years. We are all sorry that it happened, but at this point, there is no one alive that is personally responsible. Equally, there is no one alive that was part of the slave trade. We need to stop focusing on race and move on.

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