Dem Presidential Hopeful Smacks Back at Impeachment Talk

Whoa, there a Dem has broken from the pack and made a sensible statement. Well, he started off well anyway. Dem Presidential Candidate Bill de Blasio was interviewed by Fox’s Brett Baier where he admitted Dems are harping on impeaching Trump too much.

“The House Speaker says she would like to see the president behind bars, would you?” Baier asked de Blasio.

“First, I’d like to see Democrats focused on the needs of working people,” de Blasio claimed. “I think there’s too much talk about impeachment.I think there should be a lot more talk about what we’re going to do for working people.  Why don’t we as Democrats pass that infrastructure bill, help put people back to work.”

“Look I think that he has committed the actions that are ultimately impeachable. But, I’m very concerned that when people turn on your network or any other network, they see Democrats inside Washington just talking about politics, just talking about process, just talking about impeachment, when they should be talking about how they’re going to fight for working people.”

“I would say all Democrats should say this, there needs to be a full investigation, the Mueller report offers lots of important evidence.  I believe ultimately there are impeachable offenses there,” the former city councilman from Brooklyn said. The first job of Democrats in Washington and everywhere else is to actually produce a change in the lives of working people, and that should be their first focus, and I don’t hear enough of that.”

Baier then asked de Blasio on his opinion about Biden and how the former VP supports the Hyde amendment.

The Hyde Amendment: “is a legislative provision barring the use of federal funds to pay for abortion except to save the life of the woman, or if the pregnancy arises from incest or rape.”

de Blasio, of course, spoke out against Biden claiming he was against women’s rights to choose.

Watch The Video Below.

Wow good for Biden, if he is still for the Hyde amendment. It’s funny these Pro-Choice advocates don’t want the government involved when it comes to their choice but they want the govt to pick up the tab at the end.

de Blasio is right about the Dems being overly focused on impeaching Trump, that does seem to be their primary drive nowadays. But like most Dems, he foolishly thinks that the Mueller Report shows incriminating evidence, and that is just pushing the same stale narrative.  I doubt he will make the cut for the Democrat Primary.

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