Democrat’s Outrageous Trump Conspiracy Theory Is Really Off The Deep End

Just when you thought that you had heard it all a Democrat stepped up and made the most outrageous claim. You might be expecting the famed Maxine Watters or one of Trump’s regular impeach 45 callers. But instead, California Democrat Eric Swalwell is taking the cake for the most ludicrous accusation. Swalwell believes that not only is Trump in contact with the Russians, he is contacting them during live broadcasts.

Carlson interviewed the Democrat in question and heard all about this new Trump Russian Collusion Theory. Swalwell jumped right in reaching for circumstantial evidence to try and link Trump to Russia. But Tucker wasn’t having it as he had heard all of the same collusion theories before and nothing has come of it, much like the Mueller investigation. Swalwell was just wasting his breath recounting the reasons why Trump is under investigation.

Carlson started off “Where’s the actual collusion between Trump and Putin?

Swalwell responded with “2014,15,16, Russian’s Hack into our DNC, they weaponize social media.”

“2015, Felix Sader, Russian American, former business partner of Donald Trump, approaches Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen and says let’s get Donald Trump to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. We can engineer this and make our boy President. There are two different types of approaches: The approach to get Trump and Putin together… and then there is the approach to preview the hacked emails that the Russians have against Hillary Clinton.”

The Smoking Gun? The key part of the interview is when they talk about a Trump press meet.

“Russia if you are listening I hope you are able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. Let’s see if that happens.”

Swalwell believes this was a message to the Russians made during a live broadcast.

Carlson questioned the California Rep: “If you are trying to make secret contact with Russia your handlers back in Moscow, wouldn’t you dial up on the shortwave in the basement? Would you really send a coded message in the middle of a joke in a press conference?

“I’m not saying he is the smartest guy in the world Tucker,” Swalwell claimed about Trump.

“So that’s the smoking gun?” Tucker asked

Swalwell simply claimed, “It’s part of the evidence.”

So Trump is now a covert agent working with the Russians?  Where do these Dems come up with this nonsense?

Sounds like Swalwell is reaching as he is making broad assumptions that lack any factual basis, especially when it comes to the covert message to Russia angle.

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