Dems Are P/O’d That AG Barr Is Going To Control The Mueller Report Narrative

Democrats are outraged that they are not going to get first whack at releasing the Mueller Report to the public. It’s pretty clear that they can’t handle that the public is going to hear the truth. They wanted to spin it and demonize Trump like they always do. But A.G. Barr is preventing all of them from lying to the public.

Adam Schiff claimed it was “not justice.”

Just been informed by DOJ that we’ll receive Mueller’s report only after Barr gives a press conference.

Once again, Barr wants to shape the public’s perception of the report.

This is on top of reports DOJ secretly briefed the White House.

This is not justice. Just PR.”

Rep Jerold Nadler who called Candace Owens a “purveyor of hate” for being a Trump supporter said he was “deeply troubled.”

“I’m deeply troubled by reports that the WH is being briefed on the Mueller report AHEAD of its release. Now, DOJ is informing us we will not receive the report until around 11/12 tomorrow afternoon — AFTER Barr’s press conference. This is wrong.

Senate Minority Chuck Schumer claimed Barr was poisoning the release.

“The process is poisoned before the report is even released.

Barr shouldn’t be spinning the report at all, but it’s doubly outrageous he’s doing it before America is given a chance to read it.

Barr doesn’t want Americans to make up their own mind. What is he so afraid of?”

Rhode Island Rep Cicilline claimed they were somehow going to put a stop to this.

“Just received word that Judiciary Committee will get the report at 11am tomorrow. That’s 90 minutes after Barr’s press conference starts.

Amazing what they’re trying to get away with – we won’t let them!”

They are only making it worse by protesting so much, calling it poisoned or spun. I swear they were demanding that the report be made public and now that it is they are upset that they were not the ones to personally deliver it. It looks like Barr bested them this time.

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