Dems Fume As McGahn Refuses To Appear Before The House

Former White House Council, Don McGahn has denied House Dems the ability to question him further. The House Dems are looking a tad foolish continuing investigations into Trump after he was exonerated.

President Trump has directed former White House Counsel Don McGahn to skip a House Judiciary Committee hearing scheduled for Tuesday, citing a Justice Department opinion that he cannot be compelled to testify about his official duties — and, through his legal team, McGahn confirmed Monday evening that he won’t appear.

The development prompted an obstinate response late Monday from House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y.: “We are having the hearing tomorrow and we’re expecting Mr. McGahn to show pursuant to the subpoena.”

McGahn’s attorney William Burck wrote in a Monday letter to Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) that his client would comply with instructions from the White House to decline the appearance.

“Mr. McGahn understands from your prior correspondence that the Committee would vote to hold him in contempt should he not appear tomorrow and the House of Representatives may follow suit,” Burck wrote in the letter, which was obtained by The Hill Monday evening.

“While we disagree with the Committee’s position and hope it will instead seek an accommodation with the White House, Mr. McGahn also must honor his ethical and legal obligations as a former senior lawyer and senior advisor to the President. In short, it is our view that the Committee’s dispute is not with Mr. McGahn but with the White House.”

Mr. McGahn remains obligated to maintain the status quo and respect the President’s instruction. In the event an accommodation is agreed between the Committee and the White House, Mr. McGahn will of course comply with that accommodation.”

Nadler put out a statement addressing this

This move is just the latest act of obstruction from the White House that includes its blanket refusal to cooperate with this Committee. It is also the latest example of this Administration’s disdain for law,” Nadler said in a statement.”

McGahn’s lawyer is right, this really is between the Dems and Trump. The House Dems are wasting everyone’s time with these needless attempts to try and oust Trump. The Mueller Report has exonerated Trump so it’s high time we all moved on.

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