Dems Target Sleepy Joe, For Remembering The Past

Joe Biden is in his upper seventies. He has been around far longer than a lot of the Dem Presidential Candidates. He has lived through many cultural changes. But he forgets that he is part of the Democrat party, and they don’t like to admit that this country has a past. They don’t want to admit that they were in the wrong ever. And maybe that is why Biden is having a tough time.

During a speech Biden gave to donors, the former VP commented about how making a joke about a gay waiter, would have been Ok just 5 years ago. He seemed to forget his audience…

Those remarks sparked outcries from the audience, who yelled “Not in Seattle!” Others disputed that casual acts of bigotry such as the kind Biden described would not be met with objections.

“Today, that person would not be invited back,” Biden, 76, added.

But that wasn’t the end of the criticism, at a recent debate, Kamala Harris also came after Biden.

Biden and Harris tangled over the issue of school desegregation. Harris attacked Biden’s decades-ago work with segregationist senators, making the point personal by explaining she was a member of only the second class of black children in California to be bused to school in an effort to force desegregation.

“That little girl was me,” Harris said directly to the former vice president in a moment that has since gone viral.

But in Chicago on Friday, Biden defended his record on racial issues.

“I heard and I listened to and I respect Senator Harris,” Biden said. “But we all know that 30-60 seconds on campaign debate exchange can’t do justice to a lifetime commitment to civil rights.”

Then, speaking directly to 77-year-old Jackson, whose long career has included two presidential runs and work with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., he said: “I know you know I fought my heart out to ensure civil rights and voting rights and equal rights are enforced everywhere.”

Biden insisted he “never, never, never, ever opposed voluntary busing.”

Looks like Dems are trying to take down the current Dem frontrunner. Will Biden be able to stand the upcoming abuse? It seems a little early as the election is not until next year, but I guess Dems like Harris are trying to gain spotlight since they are trailing in the polls.

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