Dems Tuck Tails on Their Latest Subpoena Against Barr

House Dems are finally realizing that they are not going to obtain a full copy of the Mueller Report, as parts are redacted since they grand jury related information.

In a letter to A.G. Barr, Dems explained that they would try to revise their subpoena in hopes of getting the particular documents they want.

Hours after the Department of Justice (DOJ) slammed House Democrats for planning a contempt vote against Attorney General Bill Barr — and charged that Democrats had privately admitted their subpoena requests were “overbroad” — House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler announced late Tuesday that he is open to negotiating with the DOJ “without conditions.”

The remarkable turn of events reopened the possibility that Barr’s contempt vote may be postponed or canceled if both sides return to the negotiating table. Nadler, however, pointedly refused to cancel the planned contempt vote prior to beginning any new negotiations, as the DOJ had demanded.”

At the same time, Nadler criticized what he called DOJ “brinksmanship,” and blamed the Justice Department for purportedly cutting off negotiations on May 7.”

In its letter to Nadler, the DOJ publicly revealed that Democrats had acknowledged in a May 24 letter they were open to “further negotiations” regarding concerns that their subpoena demands were “unworkably overbroad.”

The DOJ had been working with the House Dems until they threatened to hold Barr in contempt for not getting them all of the Mueller Report as they demanded.”

In his response late Tuesday, Nadler took issue with the DOJ’s characterization of Democrats’ May 24 letter, and insisted that Democrats had “always remained open to continuing negotiations. … We are here and ready to negotiate as early as tomorrow morning.”

We cannot agree that the House’s sense of urgency here is ‘premature and unnecessary,'” Nadler wrote. “It has been over 100 days since we first initiated the accommodations process on February 22, 2019.  The pace with which we are proceeding is consistent with the exceptional urgency of this matter:  an attack on our elections that was welcomed by our President and benefitted his campaign, followed by acts of obstruction by the President designed to interfere with the investigation of that attack.  All of this misconduct was documented by the Special Counsel in the documents we now seek.”

It’s good that the Dems realized that they were asking for too much, as they wanted a fully unredacted copy. But they are not really backing down here. AG Barr is just doing his job when he redacts grand jury related material. Barr offered Dems from the intelligence committees to view a less redacted copy in his presence. This is just the Dems throwing a tantrum, since they are not being given the full copy.

Nadler tries to act like a tough guy, saying he is not going to stall the vote to hold Barr in contempt. But Barr has gone out of his way to give the Dems everything he legally can. Dems need to stop with the Mueller Report BS. They need to accept that Trump is their president whether they like it or not.

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