Deranged Woman Attacks Children With Her Car

Many children engage in team sports as kids. One of them is Little League where youngsters can try their hand at baseball. Usually, they start off with a tee to make things easier for the young batters. Sadly a woman decided to attack children with her car.

Maine Resident Carol Sharrow was determined to drive her car on one of the playable fields at this park. She originally tried to drive up on the basketball court, but there were boulders in her way. So she went for the baseball field instead. That’s where things got hairy. A man saw her attempting to run down some kids and tried to close the gate to stop her from escaping the area. He was, unfortunately, unable to stop her and lost his life in the process.

Everyone started screaming and for a second I froze and then realized I had to get out of there,” said Zachary, an eighth-grader.

The hero who died saving children’s lives when a woman drove onto a baseball field in the middle of a little league game in Maine, had himself killed a four-year-old girl in a hit-and-run in 1968.

Douglas Parkhurst, 68, a Vietnam war veteran, had been near a group of children when the car entered the field, and pushed them out of harm’s way while trying to get the car to stop.”

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“Sanford police Detective Sgt. Matthew Jones said Sharrow has a drunken driving conviction in Maine and an aggravated drunken driving conviction in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Jones declined to say whether alcohol was involved in Friday’s incident.”

“It’s not something you expect to happen,” said Tucker Holt, one of the EMTs who responded to the scene.

Investigations have not yet revealed what her motive was, or if she was just heavily intoxicated. But at least none of the children were hurt in the incident.

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