Derek Chauvin’s Mother Says Son’s Stabbing Was ‘Allowed To Happen’

Carolyn Pawlenty, the mother of Derek Chauvin, recently spoke out after her son was stabbed in Federal Correctional Institution in Tucson, Arizona. She said that the FCI has not yet contacted her about her son’s condition after the incident.

“How the hell do these news agencies know and his own mother doesn’t even know? And that [prison] has an emergency contact number [for me],” Pawlenty said.

According to NBC News, a statement from the prison regarding the incident said, “Responding employees isolated and contained the incident. Responding employees initiated life-saving measures for one incarcerated individual. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) were requested while life-saving efforts continued. The incarcerated individual was transported by EMS to a local hospital for further treatment and evaluation.”

“I can’t even think what to say. I haven’t been to bed and made a path in my kitchen and living room floor by pacing. I am worried and scared,” said Pawlenty.

Chauvin, who was convicted in George Floyd’s death, was sentenced to 22.5 years in prison last June 2021.

Pawlenty said she has been visiting Chauvin multiple times since his sentence began. Visits at the FCI have been suspended until further notice.

“I have to stay strong for Derek as he does for me,” Pawlenty said. “There is no stronger love than a mother’s love.”

The stabbing incident occurred days after Chauvin spoke out against his “sham” trial in an interview for a documentary, “The Fall of Minneapolis.” As of press time, the details surrounding the attack are still unclear.

Pawlenty remains hopeful and is awaiting more information about her son’s condition. “We have not heard back yet,” she said.

Regardless of the outcome, her love for her son remains unwavering. “Nothing will change the compassion and protection that a mother has for her son. Despite what may have been allowed to happen, I will always be there for him,” said Pawlenty.

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