Detroit Food Truck Refuses To Serve Law Enforcement

It is a weird time we are living in when people refuse to serve the guardians of the community. This behavior is being made more popular by Liberals with their anti-ICE stance and their encouragement to harass conservatives. But aside from the recent moves by politicians, you’d think that most people would have the common sense to at least support their local police. But I guess a food truck owner in Detroit feels that she is above serving the men and women in blue.

Rocky Coronado the owner of the food truck: Rocky’s Road Brew, posted about a recent incident where she refused the local police, and then thought she was on the right path in doing so.

Yesterday, two people came by in a unmarked, black suburban with tinted windows both with bulletproof vests and badges. I do not serve law enforcement (ICE, Homeland Security, DPD, etc) so I told em I was closed to not make a tense situation more so. They then circled back around with a lady (still with bulletproof vest and badge)getting out of her vehicle asking why I didn’t serve them. Not feeling confrontational, I meekly told her that I don’t serve law enforcement. She told me she was w the humane society and that we probably have the same political ideas. That’s when I was ready to rectify the situation but she quickly became belligerent. She took her phone out and stated taking pictures (wish I woulda done the same).

The customers already at the truck were harassed by her and photographed despite NOT having their consent. THATS WHEN I REFUSED HER SERVICE and asked her to leave. She posted or her male passenger posted some pics with their false account of what happened. The posts went viral and I decided to post why I do not serve law enforcement agents. Since then All Lives Matter, “Patriots,” MAGA, & “Christians” have been slandering, threatening, and harassing the business via Facebook. These people, their code switching, their hate, their ignorance shows me I’m on the right path. These people are the threat to freedom, equality, & peace in America.

As a brown queer person in America, I am well aware that my very being is a threat to Amerikkka and its lineage of genocide, fragility, and hate. My very existence is my resistance and just like my ancestors, I am resilient. So despite the hate and slander, I am well. I wanted to thank everyone for the emotional labor (these creeps cannot be reasoned with) and support. It’s super comforting and I love y’all for it. I had planned to take the day off to attend RISE in Flint (a nationwide day of environmental action) but because of the madness I’ll be doing some self care near home. So, I’ll be closed but will keep you posted on when I’ll be opened back up. With resistance and love in mind, Rocky Coronado #blacklivesmatter #refugeeswelcome #chingalamigra#nomamesguey

So as you can see she is more than a little inflammatory herself with her Amerikkka comment. She also had the gall to say that MAGA Supporters, Christians, and Patriots were hateful and ignorant. Well with that kind of attitude she is lucky to be open. She clearly has no sense, and with her Vegan menu, I question the quality of the food. The police and law enforcement agents that were refused lucked out. They didn’t contribute to the welfare of a business run by such a hateful and misinformed person.

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