Dick’s Struggling Sales Won’t Stop Them from yet Another Catastrophic Move

Shortly after the Parkland Shooting, many companies decided they would take an anti-gun stance. Dick’s Sporting Goods Store was one of them.

They decided to stop carrying Sporting Rifles like the AR-15 and would only sell weapons to people that were at least 21. This move has hurt sales significantly. So much so that now Dick’s has decided to stop selling guns altogether.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc. said Tuesday it will stop selling firearms at 125 of its stores, further pulling back from the business after the retailer decided last year to tighten its policies around gun sales.

Dick’s has struggled with declining sales since its CEO Ed Stack made a public decision to stop selling guns to buyers under 21 and take assault-style weapons out of all stores after a fatal school shooting in Parkland, Fla. Dick’s is also working to stem sluggish sales as more shoppers buy sporting goods online.”

Stack said fourth-quarter sales rose at the 10 stores that pulled hunting, and the locations delivered better margins and foot traffic than when they had guns. For the 125 additional stores, hunting floor space “will be replaced by merchandise categories that can drive growth, each based on the needs of that particular market,” Stack said on the company’s earnings call.”

It’s no surprise that Dick’s would lose sales especially with their stance on gun control. They should have stopped selling guns before as they made their stand and made their choice to be against gun owners. Buying anything from Dick’s is agreeing with their stance that an 18-year-old should not be able to buy a gun. And more importantly, their stance was that the public could not be trusted with an AR-15.

An 18-year-old can choose to join the military and fight for America but according to Dick’s Sporting Goods Store, they are not mature enough to buy a rifle to hunt with.

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