Director Reiner Claims He Is Focusing All His Energy On Defeating Trump

Hollywood Director Rob Reiner was interviewed by Margaret Hoover on Firing Line. Reiner claims he is now spending all of his time trying to defeat Trump. He clearly needs to find a better hobby.

“My energy is going to be focused on making sure Trump doesn’t serve another term. We cannot have that. I’m, not just as a Democrat, I’m as an American I don’t want to see the country destroyed.”

“And the good Republicans that I talk to all the time are like, their hair is on fire. They don’t understand why those people in Congress are in this cult, where they’re worried about their election. At a certain point, you’ve got to say, ‘I care more about this country than I do about my getting r-elected.’”

“How can you be a constructive force in the 2020 field, how do you see your role? Hoover asked Reiner.

“What I try to do and it’s going to be almost impossible because Joe Biden just got into the race. My mantra has always been, support everybody. Support everybody and don’t trash anybody.”

“You’re sort of Reagan’s eleventh amendment,” Hoover commented.

“But it’s also already been thrown out the window because the minute Joe Biden announced — and the way you know it works in politics — whoever is the perceived frontrunner at any point gets all the fire from the other candidates, so I’m hoping that they keep their powder dry because, ultimately, we want the strongest person to emerge and that person to take on Donald Trump.”

Watch The Video Below. 

Another of the Hollyweird need to get back to their swamp. Reiner is clearly drinking the MSM kool-aid. If he was interested in helping this country than he would know to back Trump in the upcoming election. But instead, he is listening to the Dems who could not be more biased.

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