Disgusting! Thieves STRIKE America’s Oldest Surviving War Hero!

Despicable: Thieves Stike A 112-Year-Old War Veteran – This Man Is A National Treasure!

Richard Overton is a national treasure. At 112 years young, Mr. Overton is America’s oldest living veteran. He still lives in his own home and occasionally drives his 1973 Ford pickup truck. Overton credits his long life to three blessings: God, whiskey, and cigars, of which he smokes a dozen a day.

From 1942 to 1945, Richard Overton served in the U.S. Army on Guam, Hawaii, Palau, and Iwo Jima, where he saw the water along the beach turn to blood after one of the most gruesome battles of the Second World War claimed the lives of 6,800 Americans. Overton himself killed 30 enemy soldiers during the war and emerged, miraculously perhaps, unscathed, The Daily Wire Wrote.

According to KXAN, Austin supercentenarian and the nation’s oldest living man, Richard Overton, is the victim of identity theft that left his bank account empty, family says.

Someone used his account to purchase savings bonds with Treasury Direct, Richard’s cousin Volma Overton Jr. said. He added that the purchases had been happening for a “couple of months.”

National Geographics recorded a documentary about Mr. Overton nearly three years ago. If you have the time, you should give it a watch. He is truly a remarkable man.

Thankfully, the thieves were not able to access Mr. Overton’s GoFundMe account but the money they took was for the veteran’s day-to-day expenses. The GoFundMe account was set up so that Mr. Overton could remain in his home with 24-hour care.

As Written By ABC 8 News:

It’s not hard to find Richard’s name, birthday or even address online. The WWII veteran is a staple of Austin (in fact, his house with party decorations can be seen on Google Maps), and he recently celebrated a birthday in March. Volma doesn’t know how the criminal got Richard’s social security number and bank account number.

“We wanted to put word out about them using his name with stolen ID,” Volma said. “It might help others realize how vulnerable we all are to this.”


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