Disturbing New Game Lets People ‘Play’ As School Shooter – This Is Just Sick!

A video game that was likely developed to incite outrage has done just that. The game called “active Shooter’ has rightfully caused a firestorm of protest as people from both sides of the aisle seek to stop the game from hitting the open market.

According to The Daily Wire, the avatar shooter essentially roams the school hallways looking for classmates and teachers to kill with firearms and grenades. As the kill count mounts, a side menu tracks “civs killed” and “cops killed.”

The outrage over the video game has culminated in a Change.org petition which prompted Valve to respond, saying it “will more likely remove the shooters [sic] role in this game by the release, unless if [sic] it can be kept as it is right now.”

As Written On Washington Post:

The gunman, armed with an AK-47, is in a second-story window of a school, prepared to make a final, bloody stand.

SWAT officers rush into an entrance below. Two are struck by gunfire and are instantly killed. As fleeing civilians prepare to breach a door, the gunman turns his rifle toward them and shoots one in the back.

A digital counter keeps a helpful tally: CIV KILLED: 1. COPS KILLED: 2.

If your PC meets the minimum requirements, and you have a few dollars, you, too, could have been a school shooter — in pixelated form.

Publisher ACID had planned to release “Active Shooter” on Valve’s online platform, Steam, on June 6 and charge between $5 and $10. The game, touted as a police-response simulator, allowed players to move through a school as either a SWAT officer or a gunman terrorizing civilians and police.

However, Valve Software on Tuesday evening said in a statement that the developer, Revived Games, and ACID had been removed from Steam.

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