DNC Chairman Squirms And Lashes Out At Trump In An Attempt To Dodge A Tough Question

DNC Chairman Tom Perez was interviewed on FOX News Sunday with host Chris Wallace. Perez claimed that Republican were out of touch and were dodging issues.

He then dodged Wallace’s question about reparation twice since he apparently was unwilling to answer it. So he did what most Dems do when all else fails to change the subject, attack Trump.

“The whole interesting thing about the continued use of the word socialism is that repressive socialist regimes, two of their most frequent qualities are: number one, they go after the press. They try to undermine the press. And number two, they have endemic corruption. I find it very ironic when you hear this president using the word socialist all the time. I mean, he, Putin, Kim, Castro, what they all have in common is they were doing so many of the same things. You shouldn’t be attacking the press the way this president does. It’s unprecedented.”

Chris Wallace quickly made Perez clarify his response:  “I got to interrupt for a second. Are you putting the president in the same class as Putin, Kim, and Castro?”

Perez backpedaled unwilling to be held accountable for his words and gave this indirect yes instead.

“I’m just saying authoritarian, socialist regimes undermine the media. That is wrong. You shouldn’t do that period. No footnotes. No exceptions. Authoritarian, socialist regimes have endemic corruption… Democrats won in 2018 in no small measure bc of the culture of corruption engulfing this administration.”

Watch The Video Below. 


I find it funny that Perez can call anyone corrupt as he heads the DNC. An organization that was bankr0lled by Hillary Clinton in the last presidential election and was found to have engaged in rigging an election. The DNC rigged the Democratic primary in 2016 in Hillary’s favor. It’s amazing that any Democrat would trust the DNC to fairly hold elections as there didn’t seem to be any real consequences.

To call Trump’s administration corrupt after that blatant display of corruption is just laughable. Does he feel that he can give advice on corruption because he’s an expert on the subject?