Doctors Study Claims Liberal Fav, Vegan Diet, May Lead To “Mental Retardation”

Maybe this is why its so hard to explain things to Liberals?  A new study claims that veganism is not the way to go. In fact it’s not just an issue of preference. The Vegan diet that is constantly boasted to be superior, is according to this study, harmful to the body and could lead to mental retardation.

Denmark doctors are trying to ensure that the children of Vegans get the appropriate vitamins they need to grow.  As they have seen multiple children in the hospital due to vitamin deficiencies

The problem is that poor food, which for example requires the addition of vitamin B12, can have serious consequences for children. And as a result, several children on a vegan diet have been treated at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen.

Such a diet may involve developing different brain symptoms. With muscle weakness, poor contact and epilepsy. And in the long term mental retardation”, says chief physician Allan M. Lund to TV4.”

The deficiency is usually vitamin B12 which by cutting out animal products is hard to get in a vegan diet.  Many vegans don’t realize that they need these vitamins and feel that an all plant-based diet is better for them.  But I dare you to try to explain this to a vegan it’s practically a religion with some of them.

Denmark is not the only country that feels this way. Germany also put out a statement saying that veganism can be problematic for children and pregnant women.

A purely plant-based diet makes it more difficult to give the body some of the important nutrients it needs,”

Dana Hunnes, senior dietitian at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, commented on the diet.

Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to brain damage including depression and psychosis, and trouble with muscle functions. It’s entirely absent in a vegan diet unless the diet is supplemented with pills.”

Now can you really call that a good diet if you need to supplement it with pills?

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