Don Lemon Cuts off Guest for Telling the Truth About Donald Trump

Former White House aide Cliff Sims appeared on CNN Pre White House Correspondent Dinner Coverage with Alisyn Camerota and Don Lemon. Lemon tried to push his usual Liberal narrative but Sims was not having it and corrected Lemon.

So in the usual Lemon fashion, he cut him off, as a strong opposing opinion is not allowed.

Camerota started them off claiming that Trump says a lot of nice things but because he talks about how the Mueller Report was a witch hunt, it diminishes what he says in her view.

Cliff Sims responded explaining that somehow Trump’s words are being misconstrued.

It’s like we are “watching the same movie yet somehow we’re seeing dramatically different things play out on screen.”

Sims then brought up how Lemon somehow fails to understand that Trump denounced White Nationalism. Lemon interrupted him refusing to hear reason.

“Then you’re delusional. Then you’re delusional, Cliff,” Lemon talked over Sims. “You’re saying because the president says words that are hollow- because the president said ‘we should come together.’”

“I couldn’t hear anything you just said, Don, because you insisted on talking over me,” Sims shot back. “So I really don’t know what you’re saying right now.”

“If you stop talking, then we won’t be talking over each other and I will let you responded,” Lemon claimed.

“Well, you want to interview me!” Sims exclaimed.  “You asked me to come on your program, so give me a chance to talk!”

Sims then challenged Lemon to give an example of Trump “being a white supremacist.”

“I never called the president a white supremacist, so you’re watching the wrong program or you’re not hearing what I’m saying. What I have called the president is a racist,” the CNN anchor said. “When you call nations ‘sh-thole countries,’ when you call African-American players ‘sons of b–ches, when you say there are ‘fine people on both sides,’ when you lie about it afterwards –“

“I’m not the person who said that they were ‘fine people on both sides,’” Lemon erroneously fired back. “I’m not the person who called countries ‘sh-thole countries.’”

“You actually don’t even know if he said that because that’s another one of those based on anonymous and people in the room say blah, blah, blah, you actually don’t know if he said that,” Sims informed Lemon.

Yes, I do know that he said that,” Lemon stated taking an account as fact. “And it’s not ‘blah, blah, blah.”

Lemon then cut the segment short talking about his next guest Obama and how he is a better guest who actually bringing “this country together.”

Sims got the last word:

“And that’s you, Don. You do a great job at that,” Sims sarcastically added before Lemon cut his mic.

Watch The Video Below.

Lemon can’t handle the truth. Sims was ruining the MSM’s liberal narrative. Lemon couldn’t allow that, so he did what he does best when faced with facts, he denied them and then cut his guest off.

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