Pro-Trump Minor Receives Death Threats After Leftist Doxx The Wrong Kid [Video]

The left was back at it again. This time targeting MAGA hat teens and doxxing young children on social media. Since then, the teen’s families have received tons of death threats from the liberal keyboard warriors but wait… What’s that? Liberals targeted the wrong people?

You don’t say…

According to Red State, the media really screwed the proverbial pooch over the weekend as it attempted to hoist the MAGA hat wearing teens of the Covington Catholic School into the spotlight where they would be the smoking gun to the left’s claim that Trump supporters are alt-right villains and racism is thriving on the right.

Only it didn’t work out that way, and the story that was too good to be true was just that. In truth, the Catholic teens were the innocent party, and multiple videos showed the true bad guys in the story was the Native American activist who attempted to start something by banging a drum in the face of one of the kids, and the Black Hebrew group hurling vile, racist things at the kids.

It was that group, the Hebrew Israelites, Town Hall pointed out, that were shouting the obscenities. The high school students were just doing sports chants. And the Native American man, Nathan Phillips, was the one who approached the high school kids, seeking to intervene before something bad broke out between the kids and the Hebrew Israelites.

Now that the truth is out about the teens the same people who took to Twitter to threaten and doxx the teens are flooding social media to erase their mistakes. Over the past 24 hours, journalists and public figures on Twitter have deleted previous posts slamming a group of MAGA hat-wearing teens for allegedly taunting a Native American vet, after more footage was released disputing the initial story. From CNN’s Jake Tapper to Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams, many on the internet are sharing a fuller explanation of the initial viral story.

So, here we are again. Liberals jumping on every untruth that fits their agenda only to wind up eating crow, as always. If only just half of them would spend their misplaced energy actually researching the stories they so eagerly rage about we could all avoid their embarrassment. Then again, if they took the time to research anything from reputable sources they wouldn’t be liberals anymore, would they?

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