Drunken Man Attacks People At McDonalds, Victim Claims Hate Crime

Ah, McDonald’s the place where you can get all of your fat and sugar for the day in one meal. But tough to beat when it comes to prices and convenience. A Florida man decided to order some McDonald’s at about Two in the morning and then instead of fries added what some may call racial intolerance.

After getting his food, Sixty-year-old John Smith decided he was not happy with the company McDonald’s was keeping. In the parking nearby, a group of exchange students had also decided to get some fast food and were enjoying their meals by their car. Smith became upset at them as they were supposedly making a ruckus.

I am American and the guys by the vehicles were making [a] ruckus so I told them to get out of here and one of them pulled a gun and they left in a red vehicle.” Smith Claimed.

But his account varied from the students and McDonalds staff. The staff claims Smith was so upset by the supposed ruckus that he pulled out both a stun gun and knife deciding to take matters into his own hands. He got up real close to them with his stun gun and demanded they leave.

He yelled, ” Get the [expletive] out of here, you don’t deserve American food.”

The police were called and upon showing up found Smith to be slurring his words and smelling heavily of alcohol.

No gun was found on the exchange students.

Deputies recovered a knife and stun gun from Smith. Once in custody, Smith kept repeating the following phrases: “They killed my son. My son was a Marine.”

Watch The Video Below.

One of the victims commented on the incident.

We are scared from the whole situation, not because he got out, but the whole thing. It was scary from the beginning,” said the victim, who wished to remain anonymous. “We’re just mentally, physically and subconsciously drained right now. This is just too much for us.”

Smith was charged with aggravated assault with a weapon, burglary with assault and armed trespassing. They are currently looking into whether or not to call his actions a hate crime.

Was the prejudice the defendant had toward the victims caused by their ethnicity or where they’re from? If the answer to that is ‘yes,’ then it can be classified as a hate crime,” said attorney Randy Reep, who is not affiliated with the case. “You have to understand what’s in the mind of the defendant when they’re committing the act. If he comes out and tells you, ‘I did it because of these things,’ then that’s one of the best ways for the government to prove that element of the crime.”

Is this a hate crime or just the sad antics of a broken man still grieving the loss of his son?