Eco-Terrorists Claim They Can’t Be Sued For Destruction Of Property

The Pipeline Terrorist group, Earth First!, claims that they are not civilly liable for attacks on The Dakota Access Pipeline. They feel that since they are not an organized group, but instead a philosophy, they should not be targeted much like The Black Lives Matter Movement. But their “philosophy” spreads how-to books on the subject of How to Commit Eco-Terrorism.To everyone’s surprise, this is somehow a winning defense.

They made a motion — they say it’s a philosophy. They are an association that operates under a banner. the law is pretty clear,” he [Attorney for ETP, Michael Bowe] added. “That’s how you operate so you can be sued. the reason why they are focused on that is because the suit alleges that they were a conduit for funds to the Red Warriors.”

The Red Warrior Camp, —labelled by the corporate media as militant anti-pipeline protesters— has been controversial at times because of the protest tactics they use which often involve the breaking of laws.”

The ETP’s (Energy Transfer Partners) attorneys believe otherwise as this supposed philosophy has filed taxes as a group for the last 7 years and has a registered employee identification number. So by all rights, they should be suable. But that was not the ruling that was handed out.

ETP claims that Earth First! and Green Peace were slandering the company to incite activists. But so far the ETP has been struggling to convince the judge that they have a case.

U.S. District Judge Billy Roy Wilson late last month ordered ETP to show why he shouldn’t dismiss Earth First! from the lawsuit.

Watch An Older Segment On The Earth First Group/Philosophy

“Earth First! and Greenpeace, for their part, argue ETP and Resolute are using an underhanded legal technique called Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPP) to stifle their activist network’s rights.

Corporations use SLAPP to chill critical speech and advocacy on matters of public interest, Greenpeace and Earth First! argue. They also suggest companies are using Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO) as a type of updated version of SLAPP.

The RICO statute allows litigants to include all people involved in a conspiracy in a lawsuit. If civil society loses its ability to build power through coalitions that could be targets for “criminal conspiracy,” then the companies win and democracy, communities and the planet lose, according to Greenpeace.”

Should Earth First! be allowed to spread messages that incite activists like this?

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