Leftists Have A Sick New ‘Legalize it’ Movement They Might Actually Get Passed

The pro-abortion party found a so-called loophole in legalizing ‘assisted suicide’ and have taken this new bill to the supreme court.

The “Death with Dignity” bill aims to legalize assisted suicide in all 50 States! If this bill passes we can throw the doctor’s oath to ‘do no harm’ right out the proverbial window!

The New Mexico House Bill 90 would theoretically make assisted suicide legal across the United States by allowing for something known as suicide tourism, where non-residents of the state could visit simply to kill themselves.

“The bill is referred to as The Elizabeth Whitefield End of Life Options Act,” reports the outlet. “The most concerning part of HB 90 does not have a residency requirement and it allows assisted suicide to be approved via telemedicine. Therefore, if legalized, Bill HB 90 will allow suicide tourism and legalize assisted suicide in all 50 US States.”

According to The Daily Wire, the bill also does not require patients to “self administer,” paving the way for euthanasia, transforming the healing medical profession into a death profession overnight. The bill also does not require the patient to have a second assessor, thereby opening the door for people to kill themselves who are not in a sound state of mind

As Life News points out there are many other concerns with Bill HB 90 such as the bill:

  • does not require the person to “self administer” thus it allows euthanasia (homicide),
  • allows nurses and physician assistants to participate in assisted suicide,
  • does not require a second assessor,
  • allows people with mental health disorders to die by assisted suicide,
  • requires health care providers to falsify the death certificate.
  • provides legal protection for anyone who participates in the act,
  • negates conscience rights for health care providers by forcing them to refer for assisted suicide,
  • uses the undefined term “foreseeable future” for terminal illness,
  • while all of this is only held together by “good faith” compliance.

HB 90 is so wide that you can drive a hearse through it.

Michelle Lujan Grisham, the recently elected Democrat Governor of New Mexico stated during the election that she supports the legalization of assisted suicide.

New Mexico has been debating assisted suicide for many years. During the previous legislative session, the New Mexico Senate defeated the assisted suicide bill by a vote of 22 to 20.

If this monstrosity passes will doctors be able to opt out and refuse to take a life? Or will this be like all-things-liberal and crammed down their throats until they’re forced to leave their field?

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