Federal Agents Arrest Nine Protesters That Have Been Practically Holding An ICE Building Hostage

Liberals have been up in arms over the whole border issue, they can’t seem to understand the importance of ICE. At first, they were upset over how kids were being separated from their adult traveling companion. Now after the Democrats refused to act, Trump fixed the whole family separation. But Liberals are now upset about the amount of time these illegal immigrants are spending in detention. So to further hinder the process they have come up with a movement called OccupyICE. But it is counterproductive as they complain about how long an illegal immigrant spends detained then protests which hinders ICE employees from doing their job, therefore, extending the stay of illegal immigrants in detentions centers.

A branch of ICE in Portland Oregon was swamped with OccupyICE protesters. The protesters were so effective that the employees had been forced to work in a separate building as they were having trouble getting in and out. So they called in the authorities to handle this overreaction by the Liberals.

Nine people were arrested Thursday morning after federal officers in riot gear moved in to clear the entrance to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement holding facility in Southwest Portland.

The ICE facility has been closed since Wednesday, June 20 after the protest group, calling themselves Occupy ICE PDX, set up camp with the goal of shutting down the immigration enforcement agency.

Seven protesters were charged with failing to comply with directions given by law enforcement officers and blocking the building’s entrances. The charges are Class C misdemeanors and the protesters were released, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Oregon.”

Watch The Video Below.

The Federal agents only rounded up those on the federal property itself. The agents had given a notice to the protesters that they were in violation of the law and were to cease and desist.

They allowed the protesters that were living in tents nearby to stay as they were not looking to infringe on first amendment rights, just reclaim the building so it could be used again.

Federal agents had to be called in so that ICE employees could get back to work.  Meaning the protest was actually making things harder for illegal immigrants as they remained in limbo because of the protest. So who are they supposedly advocating for again?

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