Feminist Teacher Lashes Out After Students Give Her A Bad Review

Feminist Lauren Duca is facing scrutiny due to students complaints that she failed them as a teacher. Duca taught a summer class called “The Feminist Journalist” at NYU. Students claim her class was a mess and she didn’t even read the assignments they turned in. Duca, when questioned, lashed out claiming this was actually about her being a female trying to make it in this male-dominated world.

“Writer Lauren Duca taught a class called “The Feminist Journalist” at New York University during the summer and it reportedly didn’t go well — according to some of her former students.

Several of them filed an official complaint with the university and, in statements to BuzzFeed News, portrayed Duca as a temperamental oversharer who wouldn’t read any of the assignments they submitted to her.

The official complaint reportedly cited a “consistent lack of professionalism” and expressed disappointment with NYU for hiring someone like Duca.

“We are disappointed at the department and NYU as an institution for hiring a professor without a syllabus and classroom management skills. We are disappointed at the department and NYU for hiring a professor without a clear course objective,” the complaint reportedly read.

More detailed complaints were shared with BuzzFeed, which published a lengthy profile on the feminist writer on Tuesday.

“There was no syllabus or clear expectations of what she would be teaching us. The class kind of banded together to teach each other things so that we weren’t the subject of Lauren’s wrath,” one student reportedly said.”

Duca also unloaded on BuzzFeed reporter Scaachi Koul after she pressed her on details surrounding the official complaint. “You should put in there that my tone was expressly p—ed off and frustrated,” Duca reportedly said during a phone conversation with Koul.

“You’re being so f—–g hard on me, Scaachi, and I really, really, really, really would ask you if you would be grilling a man in this same way. It’s amazing. The s— that I have endured to continue to sustain a voice where I’m just fighting every inch for the same thing that I think that you want, which is public power and equality, and I’m trying my g—–n best, okay?”

That’s ridiculous that she thinks this behavior is ok. She performs poorly as a teacher and rightfully is called out for it. But somehow she feels it’s ok to play the victim… She is not being put down by ‘the man,’ she did a piss poor job and deserves to be berated regardless of her gender.

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