Finally! Progress is Being Made in New Mexico on Trump’s Border Wall!

The 20 mile section of wall being built in Mexico is over halfway done and it will provide extra security on our border, and includes a five foot anti-scaling plate at the top and is 18 feet high.  Chief Patrol Agent Aaron Hull of the El Paso sector said that the wall will be harder to go under, over or through

. The Democrats still insist that walls do not work. Israel built a wall and it works. Hungary built a wall and it works. That’s the real reason why Democrats oppose the wall. Not because it won’t work but because it does.

From The Daily Caller

Environmentalists sued over the construction because they said the wall would block migration patterns of wildlife, the AP reported March 22. Mexican gray wolves, Aplomado falcons, and kit foxes are among the wildlife creatures that inhabit the area.

“Waiving these safeguards to rush construction of President Trump’s ill-conceived border wall will no doubt adversely impact the communities and wildlife along the border,” senior attorney at Defenders of Wildlife Jason Rylander said in a statement, according to the AP. 

El Paso Border Patrol caught more than 25,000 people crossing the border and captured over 34,000 pounds of marijuana along with 140 pounds of cocaine in the fiscal year 2017, according to the Journal.

President Trump is looking for at least $5 billion from Congress to continue working on the wall. That should be enough to do at least an additional 140 miles. The wall will also give border patrol agents a bit of relief since they will no longer have to stay in one spot while the illegals cross somewhere in between patrols.

They could set up 60-mile patrol sections and have 2 armed and ready agents to man it. If they need help, there will always be others patrolling nearby. It’s not like they can scramble over the wall quickly.


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