First Lady of France “Feels Sorry” For Melania Trump

Before you grab your pitchforks lets examine what, exactly, First Lady Macron had to say.

According to Fox News, France’s first lady Brigitte Macron revealed in her time spent with Melania Trump this week but feels America’s first lady is constrained while living in the White House.

Macron, 65, told Le Monde that she had a wonderful time with the first lady and called her “really fun.”

“We have the same sense of humor. We laugh a lot together,” Macron said.

However, she voiced her concerns over Trump’s restrictions while living in the White House

As Written By And Translated From Le Monde:

The first two ladies are appreciating, although Brigitte noted that the security requirements imposed on Melania denied her any form of freedom. “She is much more constrained than me,” says the Frenchwoman in the garden of the art school. She who has given few interviews to the press for a year has accepted for RTL and Le Monde to give some confidences about his life as the first lady. “Very Socratic,” she laughs as she sits down on a bench.

She continues: “Melania cannot do anything, she can not even open a window in the White House. She can not put her nose out. Me, every day, I’m out in Paris. “The wife of the head of state who judges his alter ego American ” nice and charming, intelligent and very open “, far from the sad potiche caricatures that are sometimes made of the former model, wife of the billionaire since 2005.

“She is very gay on the contrary, we have the same humor, we laugh a lot both,” says Brigitte, who understands why Melania is more serious in public: “Everything is interpreted, overinterpreted. She is a woman who has a lot of character but who is keen to hide it. She laughs very easily about everything but she shows it less than me.”

Some have taken Mrs. Macron’s view on Melania’s situation as ‘insulting’. Calling the French first lady as ‘ungrateful’ but Bridgett made it pretty clear that she enjoyed her time with Mrs. Trump and found them both to be kind and charismatic.

I feel like Bridgett’s concerns are lost among the people who are offended by her interview. While Melania has a strong and joyful personality, she’s often under a hateful and overly-critical microscope in our current toxic politically driven society.

That is exactly what France’s First Lady is trying to express. While both women are under relentless scrutiny she can’t help but feel for Melania’s constrictive situation. We witness the media’s ripping the American First Lady apart for every gesture, every expression, and every article of clothing.

There is not a First Lady in history who didn’t deal with a ‘political microscope’ but it’s obvious that Melania’s burden of perfection is far greater than any in recent history.

Case in point, Michelle Obama is still praised for everything from her dresses to her failed school nutrition program while, in recent media coverage, Melania was ripped apart over a hat. Do you think that’s right? Let us know in the comments below.

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