Florida Man Allegedly Attacked For Having A Trump Flag In His Front Yard – [Video]

A man in Boynton Beach, Florida, says he was attacked on the Fourth of July because of a flag supporting President Donald Trump that is planted in this front yard.

Jeff Good told WPTV in West Palm Beach that he was watching fireworks from his driveway when a car approached and a man started yelling “vile things about our president.”

He added that the driver of the car demanded he take the flag down.

The red, white and blue flag has Trump’s last name in giant letters with the words: “Make America Great Again” underneath his name.

According to News Max, When Good refused to take down the flag, the driver of the car punched him in the face, he told the television station.

Good said he tried to punch the man back, but his arm got caught in the car. Good said he was dragged for about 30 feet. He showed the station bruises on his hands and elbow.

“I have some bumps and bruises that I don’t think you want to see,” he said.

“My political goal here is just to express my love for this president and for somebody to punch you in the face for just presenting the flag to the public, that is enough said right there,” Good said.

The Florida man has some pretty nasty scrapes on his hands and elbows as well but says his flag isn’t going anywhere. Good also stated that he was thankful his injuries weren’t more serious.

As Reported By Fox News:

Neighbor and friend Donald Tarca Jr., who is also a Trump supporter, took to social media in an attempt to find the alleged attacker. He said he encouraged Good to file a police report and even posted a sign in his own yard.

Tarca told Fox News he’s lived in the neighborhood for about 30 years, and while sometimes passers-by will make comments or vulgar gestures because of his own pro-Trump signs, he has never been physically assaulted.

He said he “hopes for some justice” for his neighbor, adding that they “refuse to be intimidated.”

The report about the attack on Mr. Good comes just after the video of the 16-year-old teen was assaulted in Whataburger for wearing a MAGA hat went viral.

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