Ford’s Lawyers Push For A New Stall On The Kavanaugh Case

The Kavanaugh Appointment should be done with by now. The Ford allegation reeks of a Democrat stall tactic and the fact that her testimony did not reveal anything new practically vindicates Kavanaugh. But Senator Flake caved to the Democrats and pushed for the (week-long stall) FBI investigation. Now we are about to reach the new deadline and the Democrats are once again looking for a way to continue the delay of his appointment. But it looks like Ford’s lawyers may have beat them to it.

Chairman Grassley and the Judicial Committee requested that Ford’s lawyers give them a copy of the notes from Ford’s therapy session. A simple request that you’d think the lawyers would be willing to submit to. But Ford’s lawyers, who were partially recommended by Feinstein’s office, were not interested in being compliant. They apparently saw this as an opportunity to further delay the Kavanaugh hearing and responded with an ultimatum.

Dear Chairman Grassley,

Regarding the documents you requested in your letter of October 2, 2018, Dr. Ford is prepared to provide those documents to the FBI when she is interviewed. We have not yet heard from the FBI about scheduling an interview with her.”

They should respond to Ford and her Democrat recommended lawyers. Grassley should tell them that if they are unwilling to comply and provide documentation then they will move to vote for Kavanaugh immediately. Ford’s case is hearsay and she does not have a single witness that was from this supposed gathering 30 something years ago.

There is no reason to continue down the rabbit hole with these outrageous rumors. Ford has had her chance to tell her story during the testimony she gave to the Senate Judiciary Committee. What could she possibly have to say to the FBI? Or is it that her story has suddenly changed and now she has new details that can only be told after the midterm election… Give me a break…

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