Former Adult “Actress” Responds To Latest Mass Shooting In Typical Left Fashion

Gun ownership is an American Right. We all have the right to bear arms usually by the age of 18, although some states seem to be upping that requirement to 21. With that right comes responsibility. Now that’s something that not everyone fully grasps. The recent Texas Shooting showed us once again an example of poor care when it comes to the safety of personal firearms.

So, of course, people are once again missing the point. But at least they are not destroying their weapons this time. Former Porn Star Mia Khalifa took to Twitter in efforts to gain publicity over her supposed safe choice in turning over her shotgun.

“I’m turning in my gun to the police today and leaving my gun rack empty, just like the beds of all the lost children. I’m not against the 2nd amendment, I am against the untimely deaths of children.”

“They couldn’t have made it easier. Thank you, for picking up my weapon for safe destruction. This may not effect anyone but, but it’s symbolic. If all of us were to small, eventually it will add up and change the world.”

Khalifa then plans to donate the money over to Everytown. Everytown is an organization set on Gun Control. So she handed her weapon over to the police and then gave money to people who are looking to disarm law-abiding Americans. Sounds real responsible.

But this may be for the best as associate claims they were mishandling the weapon anyway.

“If you’re mad at @miakhalifa because she turned in her gun then you’re against responsible gun ownership. No one is more irresponsible :). We used to take it off the wall to make the *Shunk Shank* sound when bored.”

So turns out she was not a responsible gun owner anyway. weapon…

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