Former Amash Supporter: ‘You Have No Future in This District’ as a Republican

Rep Amash decided to do a Town Hall with a Q&A session. Everything went fine until Amash was questioned by a former supporter, who did her research, and found Amash was calling for Trump’s impeachment to get political capital.

Political Capital “is trust that a politician wins from voters by doing something popular that allows him or her to do something unpopular later.”

The Former Supporter:

“But I would like to say that I think a lot of the people here who are cheering and applauding your courage most likely didn’t vote for you. I, on the other hand, voted for you in every election since 2010. In fact, I worked on your first campaign in 2010. I knocked on hundreds of doors for you. I made hundreds of poll calls for you, inviting people to your events to meet you. I made tons of personal phone calls to friends to vote you in when you were running against a bunch of other people.

So I was there for you from the very beginning. I’m not sure how many people applauding your courage were. But I would like to say that since that time, I have changed my position on you. You have spent the last two years failing to do your job, which is to directly represent the popular will of your constituents,” she informed Amash.

Amash tried to correct her telling her his job is to “uphold the constitution.”

“Those are not mutually exclusive, do you realize that?” she quickly came back.

The woman then went on to dismantle Amash’s claims that Trump should be impeached, she stressed that his impeachment claims were “baseless.”

Amash quickly interjected, “That’s not what the Mueller Report says.”

“You further know that impeachment would tear this country apart if it went through and he was removed from office. It would cause a political upheaval in this country, people in this generation have never seen before, possible civil war.”

“You rest safe in the knowledge that that will not happen, that he won’t be removed from office. So you get to make the political grandstanding that raises your national profile. You are now a national household name. That’s called political capital. And you are hoping to launch your star bigger and brighter than District 3.”

“You just talked about how you did better in District 3 than Trump. Do you want to talk about how the last election you got the least amount of support that you’ve ever had because you haven’t supported the MAGA agenda?”

Amash tried to claim that, that was not true, but she didn’t let him interrupt her.

“It’s your right to support whatever you want, but you also know you have no future in this district because of that, as a Republican. So you want to go bigger and brighter.”

She then went on to go after him for failing to go after the “FISA Abuses” and the spying in to Trump.

“If you care about the constitution so much, why didn’t you say anything about the year-long violation of the Fourth Amendment rights of Trump and his entire transition team? Every phone call, every email, every personal conversation for a year was spied upon and recorded,” she said.

Amash claimed he just tweeted that AG Barr has misled the public and it was unrefutable since Mueller wrote a letter saying as much.

“Mueller himself issued a letter to Barr saying you are misleading the people,” Amash added,

Amash further dismissed the woman’s claims by saying that her claims about failing to fight FISA when it comes to Trump, is just an “excuse.”

“The FISA only relates to one part of the investigation,” Amash claimed. “The rest of that investigation does not relate to that FISA.”

Amash then patted himself on the back: “No one has fought more against FISA Abuse than me.”

Watch The Video Below.

This woman is right, Amash did publically come out against Trump to become a household name. He is even thinking of running as an Independent to try and take votes away from Trump.

It took guts for her to call him out like that. Good for her. We need more people standing up to these dishonest politicians.

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