Former CNN Contributor: “Trump Broke CNN”

CNN has been have a tough time recently. Trump has outed them as fake news on more than one occasion and if that is not enough they can’t seem to find the ratings they need to stay afloat.

It could be that they are not even trying to be unbiased anymore. Many former CNN contributors/analyst say the same thing that CNN is pushing Trump hate non-stop. Even the Republicans they get have to be anti-Trump.

This biased nature could be why CNN not only lags in the rating but has had to lay off employees. They are constantly losing the conservatives they hire whether it be firing or resignations.

Add to this pile the dramatic resignations and departures of ex-Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and former administration official Marc Short from the cable news outlet, and CNN’s brand as a middle-of-the-road news destination with balanced perspectives becomes increasingly hard to justify. The most high profile pro-Trump voices don’t stay put.

Former Georgia Congressman and CNN contributor Jack Kingston told Mediaite: “Most of us got squeezed out involuntarily. I was there for 2 years and was certainly willing to continue. It was clear to me in the end that the Republicans they prefer are anti-Trump Republicans.”

Former CNN analyst Stephen Moore told Mediaite: “Who are the Republicans? John Kasich? He hates Trump! CNN is the hate Trump network. They just trash Trump every single hour of every single day. All they’ve talked about for two years is the Mueller report and how bad does it make them look now that it proved nothing?”

Former CNN contributor Buck Sexton told Mediaite: “People ask me ‘how could you ever have worked at CNN?’ and I tell them, honestly, that CNN has always been Left of center, but it used to have on real conservatives and, while not friendly to them, was at least interested in a serious exchange of ideas. But Trump broke CNN.”

Bryan Lanza, who served as deputy communications director for Trump’s presidential campaign, left the network last year. Lanza told Mediaite of his time working as a contributor; “CNN’s only identity is being anti-Trump; not conservative vs. liberal.”

“If you hate Trump, you tune to CNN to validate your hatred,” Lanza said. “Not sure it’s a winning formula and I’m validated by their last place performance against other outlets.”

Lanza is right CNN is a Trump hate fest. They used to at least throw in some news every once and a while but they can’t seem to help themselves. CNN President Zucker says the news follows Trump but I think he doesn’t understand that no one wants to hear endless Trump bashing.

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