Former CNN Founder BLASTS The Network For NOT Reporting The News [Video]

Ted Turner, the man who launched CNN back in the 80’s, hardly watches the network that he worked hard to make a household name. He claims that the channel has become unbalanced. CNN has become too much about politics and not enough about the news.

I think they’re sticking with politics a little too much,” he told Koppel. “They’d do better to have a more balanced agenda.”

“But that’s, you know, just one person’s opinion,” he added.”

Go figure even the man that created the network is no longer interested in watching. That says a lot about their programming and their ability to keep people engaged. But I guess this should be expected as CNN is more fond of running their narrative than vetting the validity of their news.

Watch The Video Below. 

The interview then turned to how we all dodged a bullet. Turner claimed that he had thought about running for president but his attempt was thwarted by none other than Hanoi Jane Fonda. He was married at the time to Fonda and she claimed that if he ran, he was going to run alone.

Surprisingly, it looks like Jane Fonda actually may have saved the country a bunch of trouble by pushing Turner away from politics. As he claims to have been friends with many world leaders that would make you really question his allegiance and his politics.

Turner also revealed that he is currently living with Lewy body dementia. A disease similar to Alzheimer’s he claimed but not life-threatening.

Ted Turner left Time Warner, the company that bought CNN 10 years prior, back in 2006.

“As a philanthropist, he is known for his $1 billion gift to support the United Nations, which created the United Nations Foundation, a public charity to broaden domestic support for the UN. Turner serves as Chairman of the United Nations Foundation board of directors.[2] Additionally, in 2001, Turner co-founded the Nuclear Threat Initiative with US Senator Sam Nunn (D-GA). NTI is a non-partisan organization dedicated to reducing global reliance on, and preventing the proliferation of, nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. He currently serves as Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors.”

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