Former Marine Rips Into Kaepernick And Nike – DESTROYS Them BOTH!

Tucker Carlson had Jesse Kelly, Former Marine Corps Combat Veteran and now talk show radio host, on his show on Friday. They commented on the current ridiculousness of Nike and Colin Kaepernick.


So Jesse putting aside your personal opinion “Do you think it was a wise decision for Nike to do this?


“No, it was idiotic. But I understand they are putting out these statements how they are focusing on the urban environment. On how they are focusing on younger people. But what sense does it make to focus on left-wing SJW younger people? Those are poor people.  You need to focus on the entire country.

Nike was built on the back of the Michael Jordan, who said: “Republicans buy shoes too.” It makes no sense to alienate anybody they could have chosen anybody for this 30th anniversary of the “just do it” campaign and they chose Colin Kaepernick and they act like that means they are changing the world. Just because you ride a jackass doesn’t mean you are Jesus Christ.”

They went on to talk about how messed up Liberals are and then transitioned to how Nike thinks Kaepernick is somehow a brave hero.


“But wait, I don’t think you are giving him his due. Nike told us he is the bravest person in human history — certainly American history. You served the United States Marine Corps in combat. Did you ever meet anyone as brave as Colin Kaepernick?”


“I will tell you all the brothers in arms that I serve with, none of them had the bravery to make $39 million in the NFL and then move on to get paid by one of the biggest shoe brands in the world. I have to tell you, I think he should get some sort of medal of honor, whatever civilians can make.”

You can watch the Video Here. 

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