Former Scalia Clerk Releases Bombshell Tweets That Will Potentially Exonerate Kavanaugh

Former Scalia Clerk and President of The Ethics and Policy Center, Ed Whelan, released information that may clear up the Kavanaugh allegation. Whelan believes that Christine Ford might be mistaken and this whole thing could be a case of mistaken identities. He looks deep into this theory and it looks like this potential evidence has merit enough to actually be the real story.

“Dr. Ford may well have been the victim of a severe sexual assault by someone 36 years ago. Her allegations are so vague as to such basic matters as when and where that it is impossible for Judge Kavanaugh to *prove* his innocence.” Whelan’s tweets read, “but there are compelling reasons to believe his categorical denial. Let’s look at one set of reasons.”

“According to Ford’s letter, the assault occurred “in a suburban Maryland area home at a gathering that included me and four others.” Her WaPo account adds that the house was “not far from” the Columbia Country Club.” Whelan points out that “the ‘four others’ that she and her lawyer have identified are Kavanaugh, Mark Judge, P.J. Smyth, and a female classmate of Ford’s. None of the four lived in the vicinity of the Columbia Country Club.”

“Kavanaugh’s home was 3.6 miles away; Smyth’s 4.3 miles; Judge’s 10 miles; and the female classmate’s 7 miles,” he added.

“If you’re at a gathering of “four others” in someone’s home, you’d ordinarily think that the four others include the host who lives in the home. And that host would be the person least likely to act like a guest and most likely to use private areas of the house.”

“If the gathering was at Garrett’s house and Garrett was there, then one of the “four others” wasn’t there.”

“Kavanaugh categorically denies being at the gathering and committing the assault. Beyond his countless character witnesses from then and now, Judge and Smyth have informed the Senate Judiciary Committee that they recall no such gathering *at which Kavanaugh was present*.”

“The female classmate has not been heard from.”

“To be clear, I have no idea what, if anything, did or did not happen in that bedroom at the top of the stairs, and I therefore do not state, imply or insinuate that Garrett or anyone else committed the sexual assault that Ford alleges.”

“Further, if Ford is now mistakenly remembering Garrett to be Kavanaugh, I offer no view whether that mistaken remembrance dates from the gathering or developed at some point in the intervening years.”

“It is regrettable that private citizens are being drawn into this. But that is the product of Senator Feinstein’s shockingly shoddy handling of the whole matter.”

“If the matter had been handled as it should have been, the Committee would have investigated the matter over the summer and resolved it privately to everyone’s satisfaction without the smearing of Kavanaugh and the dragging of the names of others into the public eye.”

“Bottom line: I believe that a fair assessment of this evidence powerfully supports Judge Kavanaugh’s categorical denial.”

This is Whelan’s theory on what happened, but it seems like it is very likely. This could be the evidence that puts an end to the Democrat’s stall tactic. As it seems everyone involved aside from Ford has no recollection of any event like that taking place with Kavanaugh.

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