Former Secret Service Agent Calls Democrats On Their Impeachment Bluff

Excitable Democrats like Maxine Waters and Al Green are ecstatic at the possibility of Impeachment. They seem to think, that the time has finally come to impeach the president. But they always think that. They are all bark without the ability to bite. Trump has not pardoned anyone, which he still could do and it would be well within his power as president. Tucker Carson had Dan Bongino on to discuss the “threat” of impeachment.


“…I’m sick of all of these efforts taking place subrosa, hidden we don’t know exactly what’s going on.  I’d welcome an open conversation of what the alleged crimes are. Why don’t we have an impeachment trial? Just get this over with.”


“Because the Democrats don’t want it right now. Because they would get absolutely smoked in the Senate. Christie’s right 67 votes, you’d be lucky to get 47 votes on that. The American public would be furious, as they learned from the Clinton operation.

Tucker The American People in the Clinton impeachment trial spoke loudly. If you are going to overturn a duly elected president…You damn well better bring the goods. What do they have now Tucker? Taxicab medallions and National Enquirer stories? This is what you got?!

…Bob this is what you have right now? We’ve been told for a year and a half, as you slam the emergency brake on the entire country’s operations, that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to win an election. And you bring us The National Enquirer, a Manafort guy who didn’t pay his taxes allegedly eight years before he met Trump, and you bring us a taxicab medallion case. This is the best you’ve got?!”

Watch The Video Here.

Bongino is practically channeling America when he says this. Why are we still wasting our time with this witchhunt? How much money do we have to waste before the Democrats can finally accept Trump as their president? That’s what it really seems to be about, the Democrats trying to find a way to get rid of Trump. This is how blind they are, they’d rather fight against our president every step of the way, than work with him in Making America Great Again.

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