Former SoS of Kansas Has a Border Wall Fix and it Bypasses Congress!

Former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach claims that now Former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Neilsen was wrong. You don’t need Congress’s approval to fix the border. He believes there are three things that need to happen to fix the border crisis.

The first one is finalize a regulation that DHS proposed back in September. They could have finalized the regulation, made it go into effect in December, four months ago, but they’ve been dragging their feet … what the regulation would do is basically supersede the Flores Settlement.

The Flores Settlement is that 20-year-old settlement that limits the amount of time that a minor can be detained and effectively limits the amount of time that a family can be detained together. Once this regulation is published, we can detain the whole family, keep them together, and that reduces the incentive to bring these minors north and using them as ‘Get out of jail free’ cards.”

The second [step] is because of the lack of traditional detention space… we can create detention space. The federal government right now owns thousands, multiple thousands, of trailers and mobile homes that we use for hurricane disasters and they’re selling them at bargain prices right now …

we should be using those to create basically processing centers where people … you put a fence around a park or a parking lot, you park a hundred of those trailers there and you can have people have their immigration hearings, have their asylum and credible fear hearing, have everything right there. Deploy dozens of immigration judges down to these centers. Don’t let them go, have a fleet of commercial planes ready to fly them back to their home countries.

Lastly, “what we should be doing is threatening to pass a Treasury [Department] regulation prohibiting illegal aliens from sending home remittances through Western Union and the like. Then tell Mexico, we’ll finalize that regulation and we’ll cut off $20 billion a year in capital … unless you give us a safe third country agreement like we have with Canada.”

The last measure would make it so a migrant could not pass through one country to claim asylum in the next country. It would force Mexico to accept migrants and stop them from coming here and claiming asylum.

He also claims we should cut off Mexico if they for comply and offer amnesty to the waves of migrants.

Solutions like this are def needed. I hope our new DHS Secretary makes this happen.

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