Fox Host Tucker Carlson Explains The Importance Of Being Pro-Life

If you have ever seen the show you know Tucker Carlson is outspoken and even more so about his stance on abortion. Carlson like many other Fox Hosts is Pro-life meaning he doesn’t believe abortion should be a choice. He is quite invested in this due to his own story.

First, his grandmother was 15 when his dad was born in Boston.  It was 1941.  “If it had been 1973, I wouldn’t be here,” the host of Tucker Carlson Tonight stated.  His dad was sent to an orphanage in what he called “a really messy story.”

In fact, it didn’t go that well for a while.  “Just because you make the right decision doesn’t mean it’s easy.  That’s one of the reasons people make the wrong decisions because they fear that messiness,” Carlson noted.

“In the end it worked out great, and I’m here because of that decision.  I have lunch with my dad every Friday, and talk to him every single day,” Carlson stated.”

So he was lucky that abortion was off the table or he’d likely not be here.

Watch The Video Below, Where Tucker Talks About Abortion.

But he has another reason to think the way he does as Carlson is also a father.  During the pregnancy of their second child, Tucker and his wife were given some tough news.

Their doctor told them that a test came back indicating their child would be born with Spina Bifida.  He recommended they terminate the pregnancy.

“My wife responded with a very bad word.  THE very bad word, to indicate no way was this happening,” Carlson explained.  She went on to tell that doctor, “You’re not allowed to kill that child.  You know why?  Because you’re not God.”

Carlson shared that son is now 6′ 2″ and a junior at the University of Virginia.  There were also no health issues for him growing up.  The doctor had it completely wrong.”

They could have easily aborted the child but they remained optimistic and put their faith in God that the child would turn out alright. Their faith paid off as everything worked out. His stories are the type that Planned Parenthood doesn’t want you to hear. Stories that encourage life as opposed to ending it.

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