Frmr Boston Police Supt Tears Apart Sanders Terrorists Should Vote Claim

Bernie Sanders claims that everyone should maintain their right to vote regardless of their standing within society. He, in particular, meant American citizens who are behind bars. Sanders would even allow murderers to continue to vote.

This opinion got under the skin of Former Police Superintendent Daniel Linskey who felt people like the Boston Bomber should not retain their voting rights. Linskey appeared on America’s Newsroom where he expressed his opinion on the matter.

Host Bill Hemmer asked Linskey how Boston was taking Sanders comment about allowing the Boston Bomber to vote.

“When I first heard it, my initial thought was to send something on Twitter that would have been sent in anger. And I waited and calmly thought about it. And the anger comes from the fact that we’re talking about the Tsarnaevs.”

“We shouldn’t talk about them. Every time we do, we re-injure victims in our community and their families. If you do something that society has determined requires you to be taken away from society, and put into custody because of the nature of your actions, you forfeit the right to vote, you forfeit your right to be involved in our Democratic process.

“Now, there’s got to be a punitive side of our system, and there’s got to be a redemptive side of our system. Once you’ve served your sentence and you come back out into the society, then you should be involved in all the ability to be part of a community and to see a second chance after you’ve paid your dues. That being said, Tsarnaev has been sentenced to death. He will not return to our society. And therefore we do not need to debate whether he will ever have the chance or should have the opportunity to vote in any election.

Watch The Clip Below.

It seems like Sanders is reaching with this one. Criminals need to be punished for their actions. As Linskey says once they do their time, fine. But there must be consequences for breaking our laws.

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