Georgia Bill Would Require Men to Report Every “Release” to Law Enforcement

Five Georgia Democrats are trying to mock the new Heartbeat bill. The bill that makes it so if a doctor can detect a heartbeat he can’t abort the baby. If they were trying to be absurd they definitely hit the mark but they failed to make a real comparison otherwise.

“Any male 55 years of age or older shall immediately report to the county sheriff or local law enforcement agency when such male releases sperm,” House Bill 604reads.

The bill was introduced in response to the passage of House Bill 481, dubbed the “heartbeat abortion bill,” that would make abortion illegal once a doctor is able to detect a heartbeat in the womb, which is usually at around 6 weeks. HB 481 now moves to the state Senate.

But the Dems are not done there when it comes to ridiculous bills.

Rep. Dar’shun Kendrick sent the following to her staffer who is responsible for writing bills.

Please have the following legislation drafted.” The 36-year-old Democrat went on to lay out her objectives as a bulleted list: Require men to obtain permission from their sexual partner before obtaining a prescription for Viagra. Ban vasectomies in Georgia, and criminalize the doctors who perform them. Classify sex without a condom as “aggravated assault.” Require paternity testing at 8 weeks of pregnancy, and require expectant fathers to begin paying child support immediately. Last but not least, Kendrick proposed a 24-hour waiting period on any men wishing to purchase any porn or sex toys in the state of Georgia.

She intends to make these absurd bills to point out how she feels women should have the choice to abort at any point without govt intervention.

Kendrick told Rolling Stone she’s aware that her measure has little chance of passing (it’s already past the deadline for submitting new legislation), but she said it is meant to call attention to the “absurd” double standard women are being held to.”

She feels that the govt is invading the personal rights of women. Kendrick fails to realize that there is a big difference between Men and women.

Men can’t carry babies. None of the things that she talks about imposing upon men, really compare to killing a baby. If those bills passed they would be an inconvenience, nothing more. Allowing abortion is condoning murder.

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