White Trump Supporting Student Gets Berated By The Left For Loving His Race and Self

A white student, Julian Von Abele, who attends Columbia University, is being heavily criticized by The Left. So what did this student do to be treated poorly? He declared that he was proud to be a Trump supporter and White. The encounter began when a group of students were bashing Trump supporters. The students were claiming that Trump supporters engage in sexual violence.  Von Abele is a Trump supporter and felt the need to speak up against this nasty stereotype.

“The specific dialogue I reacted to in the video began when several students were accusing Trump supporters of encouraging sexual violence,” said von Abele. Von Abele explained that he was a Trump supporter and did not engage in sexual violence. The group told him he was a white male with ” white privilege.’ So he was not allowed to defend himself. “I was offended for being held personally responsible for the historical actions of the people who have the same skin color as me, and I was tired of the divisive rhetoric that blames all the ills of society on white men.”

Because of their white male hate, Von Abele said the following.

“We saved billions of people from starvation. We built modern civilization… White people are the best thing ever. I love myself and I love my people,” the student declares. “F*** yeah, white people! We’re white people. We did everything. I don’t hate other people, I just love myself.”

Whoa, a white college student that has self-esteem and actually shows some pride for his white race. Yea the Left can’t have that they’d rather white people hate themselves for putting the black man down. They left pushes white guilt to a scary level, if you try and argue with them using logic they claim you just don’t understand since you are part of the White institution.

Von Abele may have been a little over the top when he expressed this but the reactions he received were far worse and they did start it by making a nasty stereotype.

Watch The Clip Below.


Columbia University put out a statement that they are looking into this “racially charged” incident.

“Many of you have heard about or seen the alarming footage online, which includes painful language directed toward students of color in our community. Although we cannot comment on the proceedings, this incident is already under investigation by the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards, and we want to assure you that it will be investigated thoroughly, beginning with interviews of witnesses.”

Von Abele decided that he needed to explain himself as he is being painted a White Supremacist even though he never said anything hateful.

“I am not a white supremacist or racist, nor do I subscribe to any views that support that ideology. I unequivocally denounce all groups that support racism,” he said in contrary to the MSM. “My reaction that evening grew out of my distaste for the overuse of the term ‘white privilege’ and similar divisive rhetoric as a means of dismissing views of others.”

“I believe that every single person should love themselves and love their culture, and we should all be allowed to be proud of our heritage.”

“I was theatrically and sarcastically demonstrating that whites are not allowed to embrace their cultural achievements. At no time did I shove, grab, or physically or verbally assault anyone, nor did I denigrate anyone’s race.”

Von Abele then gave an unneeded apology “I apologize for going over the top, and I emphasize that my reaction was not one of hate.”

Von Abele also explains that for some reason the Associated Press will not publish his full response. As that would make sense and be less divisive than what they are going for.

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